"Word Perfect" sir?


I forwarded this to Microsoft Office in the last hour:

Remember "Word" "Perfect"?

Now, "Creating Forms in "Words""!

Please, I offer my congratulations to talented artists and/or designers of this "Word" Blog Webinar, and each one of you on that team are a star.

To me, the mixture of delicately blended, bright colors, but not too bright, are pleasant to be around all day!
Look at how much more evolved this whole new application, "Creating Forms in Words" is?  Who's not familiar with WORD?  Then you can make a site with rainbows of color, and any colors mixed with or without design.

The bombshell? I so love "Word", since before 1993 (?). I've seen Mircrosoft  marketing/desig­n attepmts to lure interest, simply by coolness of the technology.

Who can blame you?  We're living through a live digital revolution.

It led you to this. Ideas of how to change, for the benefit of simple, fun, having our owns sites, like, now.

Thanks for your time.

The individuals responsible for this beautiful world wide "Word" Blog, will be responsible for, well something, so I play/create with these new applic­ation for a few days. I simply can't resist. And guess which one I like best? And it's totally work related.

"Word" "Perfect" is what some have called the original Microsoft computers, yes?