SILENT NO MORE about Jerry Sandusky Victim 1

Nonfiction,  each chapter written by one of three point of views, the first victim, Aaron Fisher, to go public with the heinous sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky, former defensive Penn State coach, Aaron Fisher's mother, and that of his psychologist. 

Not up on any type of athletic sports teams, I recall a couple of news pieces I'd read on the culpable sick-o's name, number of victims, and arrest. But after this book I'm aware of Jerry Sandusky's preposterously demented, and nauseatingly arrogant, mind.  Plus the extent of the manipulative, abusive behavior, shows how disturbingly twisted he is.

As I wrote on my last post, the book is a page turner. 

Last night I began, Notorious Nineteen by Evanovich, my first one by her.  Raise your hand if you like Evanovich.  And raise your fist at Jerry (Evil-Scum) Sandusky.

Sheila Cull