Microsoft Office Web Apps: Female Child Explains

I'm female, and most certainly the child when it comes to today's computation sophistication. 

Microsoft free Web Apps have only been around for a year, a year?  Relatively speaking, a Web App is a brand spankin' new baby.  Web Apps and four other Microsoft products, Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note, are all buddies to each other.

Web Apps are online, you know, like, browser based - virtual.  Not on the floor in that big ol' computer with tangles of wires looking for places to fit, rather, in the sky.  Any updated browser will do, and by updated I mean?  Don't know what it means, yet I recall reading "updated browser" a lot.

Microsoft Office comes to play, it is not having a solo office party.  Web Apps party better when with Office.  Office?  I have it; I don't know if "Office" is considered a virtual program, or what it is exactly.  And an abundance of way cool Office features, is way too time consuming to learn unless you feel like spending, seemingly, all your lifetime freetime on it.  So let's stick with Web Apps, because its free.  But Office combined with Web Apps lead to a better party, therefore, consider your free time warned.  

Microsoft SkyDrive started this fiesta because only SkyDrive lets you use these Web Apps.  Free SkyDrive to begin with as well.  Sharing, working on SkyDrive Web Apps, are executed with a click of the mouse.  Send it, allow or don't have another edit, and/or share it publicly.  Yes, watch where you're clicking.

A SkyDrive "it" is a document, an Excel Web App, a photograph, a love letter, an Office invitation template, a calendar, a spreadsheet, yada, yada, yada, SkyDrive.

Microsoft says an engine runs the Web Apps.  Engine, good word choice.  Webster online:

Definition of ENGINE

1obsolete a : ingenuity b : evil contrivance : wile
2a : something used to effect a purpose : agent, instrument b : something that produces a particular and usually desirable result
3a : a mechanical tool: as (1) : an instrument or machine of war (2) obsolete : a torture implement b : machinery c : any of various mechanical appliances —often used in combination
4: a machine for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion; also : a mechanism or object that serves as an energy source
5: a railroad locomotive
6: computer software that performs a fundamental function especially of a larger program

Enough of Web Apps today?  Me too.

We're surfing waves of hurricanes, with this historically huge modern day tech-y revolution.  Tomorrow, have I gotcha - a revolution.

Sheila Lucky Cull, That's All