Chicago Noise Pollution Nothing Good to Report

How do you react, breathe, try to ignore, when you can't help but hear the blare of a garbage truck in reverse? Or say, when you hear an hammering construction drill?  Or what about those ultimately useless way too noisy leaf blowers?

This is the single disadvantage, for me, of life in the city of broad shoulders. Always optimistic, can we find good from this situation hazardous situation?  Hazardous because detailed studies prove it's most certainly bad for the mind and body. Good news perhaps is that at least we're in America where change for the more civil, more gentle, is still an option.

Years ago, assigned an article about noise pollution, my research made me absolutely aware that noise pollution effects us in only negative ways; there's nothing good about it. Even if you don't think it does not harm you, your child, your loved ones, it does.

Does it bother you at certain times? What do you hear?


Sheila Cull

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