Year 1474 the Printing Press In Spain

Yes.  In 1474, the first printing press was created, and it coincided with the plumage of the Spanish Golden Age. 

Moreover in 1492 the first grammar book of any of the European languages, and the first Spanish dictionary were published.  1492! By  Elio Antonio de Nebrija, in his preface to this very first grammar book, August 18, 1492, Nebrijia wrote, "...language was always the companion of the empire."

Spanish Golden Age literature had writers from this period that shouldered responsibility for what we understand today, as a novel.  Indeed the art of fiction blossomed as Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixotehas timeless beloved works that twenty centuries later, yet, is worthy of gold.

Is it a surprise that Spanish created the "romance languages"?

In historical context, 1492, was the year that Columbus landed in America. 

The answer lies in history.

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