Do you watch what you say?

Recent reading of Spanish Golden Age writers has got me thinking about an essence of life. This essence is language, more specifically, the use or misuse of language. Aside from the acts of speaking or listening or silence, there is the style in which people speak.

Spanish Golden Age writers took into serious consideration the utter importance of speech and its implications.

Linguistic behavior has the ability to grant you honor or diminish it. Language, speech, words, whether uttered alone, combined, and, or, usually layered upon, are truly all that encompassing. Our use of words creates the world, is our world.

Speech alone in real life is a strong catalyst for action and action creates motion and so on.

The use of language fascinates me personally because of my left brain stem injury and my capacity to use language as a tool. At times I feel we should be judged by our intentions alone. But we aren’t. Indeed, words are that omnipotent.

So, do you ever watch what you say?

Sheila Cull