Web Makes me Wild

So I'm a writer, different from an author. A relatively recent famous post I did on hypothetical line drawings between writer/author, is below (wait, now can't find it, surprised?). Not saying I won't become an author as well, but I'm certainly a writer first.

Usually I query, then write news and/or magazine pieces, normally features.

Prior to yesterday, throughout my World Wide Web disconnect, I did have computer access. Rather than using full days to twist my mind together with my mainly useless spidery tangle of computer cords, I could have been productive, say, working on queries or manuscripts. But NO, NO, NO. Why couldn't I work without Web connectivity? Perhaps, no changing of YouTube music to match my minute to minute changing of moods? Or perhaps, I felt no safety in knowing I couldn't shoot my other fraternal twin sister an email about the amount of caffeine you can ingest in one day without getting sick?

I don't know. What I know is that the Web makes me wildly motivated to work. Throw in that element of safety I feel when connected, and stir this woman up.

For example, if you query a decent publication, every word counts in hundreds of ways.

Woke up this morning, refreshingly went straight to work, now I'll continue hitting up this one editor. Rejection? Who cares. At least I'll know I'm alive.

Lucky Cull