Anastasia? Sampling part of your soul, okay?

Jeez, yesterday, talked of that "relatively famous" (ha!) post I did on the distinction between a writer and an author in this evolving digital climate. It's a shame how much time I lost trying to find it. Searched in all my former blog addresses, couldn't find it. Searched my name along with words I remember using, 'writer', 'author', 'Library of Congress', 'if you're a writer' and so on, in every application, from the good old fashioned Internet Explorer to Google, Mozilla Firefox, and even downloaded new applications all in an effort to find that once relatively popular post. I still think it's one of the best posts I've ever written.

On that note, I found posts from 2009. I think my writing has gotten worse.

Hilarious, I have a template for my own site registered with Opera, Microsoft, blah, blah, and blah. It's in an ugly stage, everything is just a generic color green, it's all wrong. My intention is to stack up all of my links from all of my sites, but I've overloaded hitting wrong buttons, currently I bet my computer does it automatically.

Still works but no connection, is my stellar Microsoft software in real computer. The one I can use minus sunglasses. Figured, “I've got a USB, no problem.”

Problem. “U Suck Bigtime with computers” is what my USB says.

Now I'll see if I can attach a link from a 2009 site, don't be surprised if you don't see it.

Lastly, I'm actually writing this on an Writer template then I copy/paste writing onto blog. Only a moron would maintain a blog after composition of a post on said template. Never claimed to be smart, just lucky.

Oops, site is on literature, during unproductive disconnection, read four books. Best - "50 Shades of Grey", fiction, read it? Congratulation for risk taken. Protaganist Anatastia has an innner goddess that I'm going to borrow. Maybe you could borrow inner goddess also. Any idea is a godd idea because it leads to something new.

Sheila Cull