Scorching Hot and Writer versus Author

At the part in “Fifty Shades of Freed” with them in Aspen, Christian's palm is twitching to hit Ana, again.

Love Aspen, my former boyfriend had places there. Ski, not with diplopia, so I'd snowshoe until I got winded, which happens almost immediately going up a mountain, so I'd end up in bed, enjoying the pristine white view from the windows, with a book. Reality strikes, I'd rather be at home writing.

And this is what my present guy understands, as he's an author. I'm a writer. For example, my varied pieces average between 2,000 and 5,000 words. An author's sole topic piece averages between 70,000 and 100,00 words.

Opening this seemingly scorching hot XP laptop screen this morning, I thought again about my MIA Vista. Starting from scratch on a new query idea appeals to me, because as a writer I burst with bubbles of creative ideas, do a manuscript, lots of editing, but not like an author, and swing happily onto my next thought. There's a part in a query, that I cannot start from scratch, if you don't already know the editor, where you list previous publications and offer samples. Sure, could pull articles from the web, and I do recall the date of my latest feature, last month, but how to remember all the names I've written under, everything I've written, in what order, and what about those relatively boring hundreds of press releases I've done? Can recall a few press release themes, but where are the better ones to show this new editor? Trapped, kidnapped or eaten by my Vista.

Nathan Bransford's most recent post involves an author becoming ill, because if you're script is 80,000 words, how can you not be sick with the required editing on a one topic piece? This is but one difference between a writer and/or editor. The and/or is there because many writers have an author title under their belt as well. I'll wager that dependent on a wide range of variables, including their personality, they easily have a preference.

My Microsoft account has held hostage my Facebook password. Hi Facebook friends! I miss you. Could flip through my calendar/s and try a couple of the hundreds of passwords I've scribbled, but that's a metaphorical shot in the dark.

Ow! Now my eyeballs are tender and sore, I'll have to swallow more “Fifty” first.

Lucky? Grateful. Lucky.