Luckily Another NYTimes Best in the Wings

So I'm examining web pages on how to fix a Boot Manager/BIOS, these are directly related to my MS Windows installation. The BIOS password hasn't been shared with me by the individual responsible for said installation. Hmm. Oh bother, I'm spent.

Five years worth of work.

My favorite thing is being pillowed in bed with a good book, after I work, after I deserve it, know what I mean?

Lucky Cull's cheeks are wet with tears.

Must remember, perspective, gratitude, grace, breathe, gratitude.

By the way, page 465 of "Fifty Shades of Freed", and it appears there may be a happy ending for Anastasia, Christian and their blip (baby)?

After closing "Fifty" today I have another New York Times Bestseller in the wings, "Bared to You" by Sylvia Day.

Really, how can I complain?

Lucky Cull