Do you ever feel naughty?

Lowdown: The missed web connection remedied, not because of sexual favors, rather, because of shelling out the bucks, remains only on my glaring, too bright, requiring sun shades laptop, not my beloved low vision suited regular computer. Established after opening my wallet for Comcast, is that there is no web connection on my (eyes) sorely missed personal computer.

But, my Vista ran beloved regular computer is required to at least copy ALL five years worth of keyboard punching, plus, how to get my Microsoft Windows account from that computer to this sun blazing laptop? Again, I've been trying, again, wasting time. Vista, missing web connect, okay, but now you're broken? Vista screen flashes, "Boot Manager is Missing". How can a Boot Manager go missing, moreover, what is a Boot Manager? The single other screen Vista displays says, “BIOS Settings”. And? BIOS must stand for, But I'm Out of my league Silly. Laptop is XP, better than Vista, so I've heard, doesn't matter much, obviously.

Instead this morning I'm at the part in “Fifty Shades” where Christian says in all seriousness, “Ana, I want to beat the shit out of you.”

Did my Vista Boot Manager kidnap my five years of work, and that's why they're both missing? Perhaps BIOS got hungry, ate up everything.

Vista, XP, both are Microsoft Windows, tried to re establish my account on vividly blinking XP, now Microsoft doubts I am who I say I am. Microsoft is the bomb, but they have mighty strict rules. Of course I'm responsible for sending them more specifics, which have been kidnapped or eaten by
Vista. Why can't Microsoft check out a YouTube video I made using my account with their software, and put two and two together?

More than I miss my genius famous author man, busily running his law firm and polishing of his next two books faster than his publisher can distribute them, I miss Word. Suddenly, even he doesn't understand my computer questions over the phone, and when we do see each other? This time, we'll have to pull each other from my bed, and if he can't fix it? How much is a Microsoft associated technician, willing to embrace my “old” Microsoft Word 2007?

That's why I feel naughty, it's the middle of the day, mid week, and I want to be working. Yes I'm fortunate that I want to be working so I still consider myself lucky.

Do you consider yourself lucky? You'll feel lucky if you think about all that you're grateful for. This moment, I'm grateful for the almost too absurd to believe “Fifty”. Thank you James!