Ana's Absent Shades

"Is he mad at me?" Or, "Good, he's not mad!" Or, "Oh no, have I gone to far?" Or, "Would I change anything about him? No." Ana asks herself while visibly wearing his animal style bite marks on her chest, her abused shackled ankles and wrists, swollen and bruised.

Ana, grow up child. I think I've nailed it; she's a child. Not because of her 21 years of age, not because of her choice to "obey" him, but because Ana doesn't have a clue about drawing those obvious hypothetical lines.

I'm towards the middle of the book now (the sex scenes morphed into a downright redundant bore of a read) and it seems Ana admits to herself that she may enjoy rough sex. Okay girl, you know you don't want physical pain with the rough, Christian has not played by the rules, and before the last page of "Freed" I know that I'll be reading about Ana exiting his Red (blood) Room of Pain in need of an ambulance.

Too bad it's fiction, otherwise we'd need to knock Ana silly.

The second "Fifty Shades" in the series, will stay skipped.

However, E L James is a relatively good fiction author, and I predict Christian will have an affair with this female architect designing their home. I also predict that Ana will have come to her senses. Please, James.

Twin Cull