What Else Microsoft Did!

What's your favorite animal?  A puppy dog, for example, is a reflection of you.  So I've read.  So I feel. 

     She suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, "Let's watch the stationary donkeys!"  

     Quickly he turned, "Donkeys you say?"  
The bombshell?  I wrote out loud, "I have Microsoft, "blah, blah".  Um, several hours ago, I up and learned that I have, all of the best of Microsoft.  . 

I randomly punch the keyboard, as a result I switched between, Windows Mail, Windows Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, and  t-h-i-s w-h-o-l-e time I had: Outlook - Office.com, including the killer great Web apps.

I didn't swim Outlook's program sea because I couldn't get beyond the shaded Outlook orange icon.  

"Don't I have enough doors to open?"  I asked myself. 

But now it appears as though finishing this site, may even be fun.  Imagine that.

It took me long because of donkey likeness with a bit of traumatic brain injury thrown in. 

Learning because you want to, no matter your motivation, is the best way.  

Speaking of best, you must stay tuned, tomorrow, here at TwinCull - this Monday, June 25th -Chicago begins a major archeological dig, as the world watches, George D. Levy, impetus for it all.

Sheila Cull