Hooked on Branches

The plan?  To come right back with an upgraded blog. Yet learning about computer stuff snowballs. Computers as snowballs then turns into a snowman that I can't get to melt.

Moi?  Addicted to gizmo-y jargon?  Oh jeez.

A computer as a tree has so many branches that lead to other branches, I can't decide which one to hang from.  As much as the left brained study pains me?  Yikes, what a surprise.

To be hooked on books, yes.  But to be hooked now on branches?

This confirms that indeed I am a Lucky Culll, after all.

And my blog shall still be easier to manipulate and what not, soon.    In the meantime I need to delve deeper into a pile of snowballs and branches.

Sheila Cull
A Lucky Cull
Twin Cull