Levy's Risky Windfall

I say, “The groundbreaking unearthing of facts,” yet the literal groundbreaking won’t begin until Monday. 

The real groundbreaker began when George D. Levy signed his credentials over for sealed, many never before opened, documents.  Documents kept in preservation by varied entities. 

It boils down to this, Levy dug through the National Archives and cracked open thousands of related books, sealed material, shocking accounts, and more protected literature in all forms, again, and again, and again.

Levy risked big. His initial research, similar to the preliminary non invasive scan for remains, uncovered pieces of this hypothetical puzzle, but the major discoveries proved a windfall.  Indeed, it was a risk worthy of the time, money, and sheer dedication required. 

Tomorrow, where exactly is this Chicago archeological dig happening?  Find out!

Sheila Cull
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