On George D. Levy

See, the thing about George D. Levy is that he is severely humble. I know.  After his U of C law school graduation, all along, including today, he runs a successful firm, a top university teaching position here, a government appointed position there, a several year hiatus to camp out in America’s National Archives, in order cull required research for the nonfiction bombshell that is Chicago’s huge participation in America’s Civil War. Then off he went to write a book about it, as a respected academia publisher offered him, a lot.

Ambitious, smart, yada, yada, know what’s funny?  I previewed his second nonfiction Civil War book.  Not only is it fun to read, it is New York Times Best Seller quality. 

This makes Levy whole brained.  And I love it.

Personally, I must stick with mainly my right brain otherwise I’ll have one gigantic confused brain. 

More on the dig, the groundbreaking unearthing of facts tomorrow, stay tuned.