Camp Douglas Dig the Where

The founder, researcher, writer of To DIE in CHICAGO: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas, 1862–1865, and of what we presently know as the crucial Chicago/Civil War connection, George D. Levy, is a U of C graduate. A former professor of his talked of a Civil War site, right where the original U of C stood.  The professor said, “It’s up to one of you to investigate.”  Levy took it to heart.

An interesting note is that Camp Douglas was to be a mere city block from the first University of Chicago. The U of C students weren’t happy campers and even had to close for several semesters due to the all encompassing rotten stench. 

Eminent Domain had been established in the United States, but at the time the States were not united, and wartime didn’t give a damn about Eminent Domain.  Therefore, nobody requested permission from U of C, or from people calling that land their home.

Levy himself says he’s “skeptical” of the finding of remains.  Yet, I do know him to be skeptical of a lot of things, and he certainly did not rule it out. 

Tomorrow, 31st Street and Rhodes will be the cross section start of the Camp Douglas archaeological dig.  The dig for remains shall be extended from there. 

We shall see.

Sheila Cull
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