Chicago Civil War Camp Douglas Digging

To be at Levy’s official Camp Douglas architectural dig site beginning on Monday at 31st and Rhodes, was a thrill.  The dig area was cordoned off according to what may be relevant according to the noninvasive radar scans.  Yesterday I learned that it’s not one scan, but three different types of radar scans that were used. 

I found it interesting to see the archaeological digger’s knee deep in dirt while shifting through said dirt with gloved hands in a mesh tray.

What’s fascinating?  Can you think of another archeological dig that’s happened in such an urban area?

It’s open all day until this Friday, and anyone is invited.  If no Camp Douglas artifacts are to be found at the site, there’s reason for hope at other sites. 

Therefore I shall keep you in the metaphorical loop.

Sheila Cull
Twin Cull ©