New Nonfiction Civil War History Yes, New

Chicago’s Camp Douglas, a Civil War prison camp second in size to Andersonville, is a historical fact.  It’s something so new it’s still being incorporated into general history books.  It’s not a happy something but it is a something.  Chicago’s Camp Douglas conditions were factually as questionably inhumane as America’s infamous Andersonville.

George D. Levy, the renowned author, researcher, of To DIE in CHICAGOConfederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1862–1865, has a book so indisputably meticulous, it’s reflected in current Amazon reviews.  It was Levy’s University of Chicago former professor that he holds responsible for the sharing of what Chicago administrations hid.  What was a substantial enough reason for Chicago’s non disclosure of this serious history?  Embarrassment is often the seed for an ugly excuse. 

If you’re bored with American Civil War history, think you’ve learned enough of it, think again, and open this book.  When reading Levy, the truth you get is so raw it’s pink.

A spit beyond a mere decade later, the revelatory research conducted makes for another reminder of why war is senseless.  This war happened within a democratic America.  War has happened all over the world.  With the advent of global communication, there’s reason to believe that a world wide peaceful future is in our grasp.  Let us remember so as not to forget.

Tomorrow, we’ll be stepping back into the metaphorical light, the Golden Age.

Sheila Cull
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