Golden Age Simplicity

My simple theory that art of every kind flourished during the Golden Age are because of two reasons.  The first, populations during that era did not have to contend with threats of nuclear warfare, and such.  The second, industrialization hadn’t occurred, leaving them literally to live with the fruits of the earth, in harmony with nature, not against it.

On the second note, for example, Miguel de Cervantes wasn’t happily writing away El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha but had to take a break once hearing the “beeeep!” of a city garbage truck in reverse, no noise pollution.  Nor was Alonso Lobo creating Renaissance music amongst the birds and trees only to be told suddenly, “Gotta move, gonna pour cement over this green grass, cut down trees, and build a Wal-Mart, c’mon, get out a here, move it,”.

In other words, the Golden Age Era had on its side peaceful freedom.  This is not to minimize technologies that humans have developed, for example, medical technologies that save lives, allow us to live longer.  So in history lies the answer for a best global future.

When I read of the Golden Age, I get a feeling that life then was just plain more simple to live.  Therefore keep it simple if you haven’t tried to keep it simple in awhile.  See how if feels to focus on simplicity.  It feels good, yes?

Sheila Cull
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