Civil War Spy to New Age Literature Finale

William Blake may have been the first to document the words New Age, but the idea begins at evolutions beginning.

New Age spirituality has no rules or layers of hierarchy, unlike, say, religion.  “No rules?  No!  How can we believe it then?” is silly. As is contesting that psychic led archeological digs occur.  How cool is that?  Psychic archaeology, I hear, is the best tool for a scientist at work on a site dig.

The six New Age-sters hit on in this series sought for, or seek, a truth, and the super news is that the truth is great. 

I think that history shows us a lot of fundamental truth, something that we humans seek.  Different ways to find it makes life all that much better.

Therefore, to make round a circle, we’re brought back to a major premise of my site:  light versus dark, or, the European Golden Age versus the American Civil War.  Speaking of which, tomorrow, there is more to come on the ladder comparison.

Sheila Cull
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