Left or Right Brained

In structure and appearance of the left and right brain, they mirror each other.  But, there’s no ambiguity concerning the two distinct sides that meet at its base. 

Existing theories have some weight as in, left brained tendencies: logical, mathematical, scientific, technological, etcetera.  Or as in right brained tendencies: creative, intuitive, sensitive, visualize, etcetera. 

When it comes to learning, nobody is only left or right brained. This is I think what it boils down to.  It’s why we have both amazing complex sides, for balance.

If you take somebody like moi with left stem brain damage, either side’s brain functions can take over in mending what’s missing. For example, I know I could learn mathematical subtraction yet it’d take me longer than you.  Of course this becomes involved with minor and major variables, but it can and does happen.  Anecdotes of individuals that make substantial gains with half a brain shows how marvelous brain pathways and adaptations are.

Cognition is your whole brain.  And it’s a beautiful brain.  Go ahead and give a cheer for your awesome brain.  Yeah!