Reading Microsoft

Now we have the, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it,” tech-y revolution. It happens with literature that’d stack taller than the “John Hancock.”  Thank goodness it’s digital literature. 

Perhaps you’ve read, “It is gizmo-y jargon,” I say.  Me of little knowledge.

Yesterday, stumbling upon Microsoft’s document about “networking”, I understand networking as connection waves. A related article by Gloria Boyer that I’ll share tomorrow, answers theoretical computer questions, reigning in guesswork.

I declare that the American Civil War and the Spanish Golden age, historically, happened relatively recently, uh, this, more recently.  Yet Sheila Cull the donkey, after two months with Microsoft, asked my lovely man if he’d uninstall it.

A gift of Microsoft became available to me a year ago.  I shrugged, said thanks, didn’t care, and didn’t realize that Microsoft began Windows. Learning thus far – cumulative, often I develop little stress bubbles because I’m on the polar end of the learning curve.  Narrow a “Search” exclusively to Microsoft backed material, my interest in said reading snowballs. Writing for various entities is the reason for lots of computer time. Learned at the prestigious School of Hard Knocks, this I do know - bottom line, Microsoft publishes the latest, best of jargon, didn’t say enjoyable reading.  Enjoyable and interesting are different. 

Another conclusion, SkyDrive is it.

Quiz time, answers tomorrow:

a)    What year was Microsoft clever enough to spend, time, interest, money, on Javascript?

b)     Are JS Files still hanging out inside of browsers?  

c)     What year did .xml files bloom?  What were .xml files biggest initial problem?

d)     What year did Microsoft debut the Internet Explorer? 

What do you consider a reason for Microsoft’s gigantic success? 

Sheila Cull
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