Podcast Party I Wish

For your information, when I update this pile of daily audio files, and learn to share them via iTunes, I’ll say, “Ah, finally”. I think it’ll happen any day now.  Now that I’m totally focused on finishing said task, and by pledging “any day” I have wiggle room.

A third party host, podcast medium, I tried, it seemed easy. They promise it’s free.  Then they pull the metaphorical rug from under you, the second after, you just created a killer great podcast that you couldn’t wait to syndicate. Prior to even listening to this podcast yourself, third party host suddenly says, “Having fun, eh?  Pay up.” But they run a business, so you can’t really blame them.  Identical scenario happened with third party host and my last published podcast, been searching for another easy way since.

See, my blog is its own website, so I can skip third party podcast host medium. Unfortunately, there is no easy way around learning of my computer’s tools and functions except to read related literature, my least favorite reading by a long stretch.

When it comes to left brained learning I’m a determined turtle.  Do you know if you tend to learn more left or right brained?

Tomorrow there is more on left/right brain hemisphere, in relationship to reading, learning.

“Wait for me, here I come!” hollered Cull to the endless techno-y gizmo jargon.

Sheila Cull
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