"Lakeveiw Room Please."

The Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago

Before checking in, I was immediately drawn to the enormous first floor lobby, which I explored at leisure. After getting my ninth floor lakeview room key, I opened a heavy door and was struck by the most breathtaking, crystal-clear view of Chicago.  Location, location, location.  I look to my left and marvel at the fantastic architecture – Millennium Park. I look to my right and stand in awe before the manicured lawns in front of Chicago’s historical Museum Campus. I look down and see an American flag in a rounded triangle lawn that divides east and westbound traffic. 

There are two large sculptures of Native Americans, the Bowman and Spearman, on horseback positioned with bows and arrows at the corners of the triangle that expands at the top, seemingly to prepare the human eye for the beauty beyond. The Bowman and Spearman are bronze, and act as Gatekeepers. They were made by a Croatian artist, Ivan Mestrovic, and were erected in front of the Congress Plaza Hotel in 1928.

You are in the PastNow it’s 1912, while waiting for the elevator, Teddy Roosevelt tells you, “This is my favorite place to stay”, a day before he makes his famous Bull Moose speech. The same magnificent Congress Hotel is here today. 

Its glorious history made me want to experience it first-hand, and am I glad I asked for a lakeview room. You see the rising sun gleaming as it gently shines over the threshold of the expanse of Lake Michigan.  I liked the grandeur of the rooms, high ceilings, large windows. You won’t find this in most modern hotels. I was drawn to the room’s elaborate furniture. The thick headboards and dressers were made by special order, imported from Israel and Egypt. For history, location and value, it's hard to find a better place to hang your hat in Chicago. When you make reservations be sure to add, "A lakeview room, please".

Sheila Cull
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