Un Employable Lit Agents and Un Edited Excerpt

These coming paragraphs are short, and pulled from a long memoir manuscript in need of further shortening/editing before the eyes of a literary agent see it.  Yes, in this changing digital publication climate, an expanding necessity of literary agents, to me, seems obvious.  Somebody has to go through the unfathomable proliferating amount of anonymous material.  They’ll be kept busy, but at least not unemployed.  Excerpt: 

When I woke up I implored that I didn’t lap dance on his adorable best friend at last night’s party.  Enrico slept while I luxuriated in his familiar bedding, and thick, shiny black hair. I gently touched his cheek. He swatted my nose, thinking it was an insect.  “Ow!”  I yelled. 

Perfect Enrico looked at the ceiling and said, “We can do two things.  I’ll take you to meet my family and we’ll have brunch with them.  Or, we can go over the border and have a couple of drinks.”

I perked up, “Whatever you want.”  But he knew what I wanted.

In Mexico, with Tequila at a nickel a shot, I wrapped my body up and down a pole.  Not only was that the last time I saw him, after that, he completely abandoned contact.