Civil War Spy to New Age Lit: William Blake

William Blake, London England, born, 1757, wrote poems about a universal humanity.  They were revolutionary back then. Universal humanity?  Cool, very cool. 

But guess what I think is the coolest thing about him?  I think the best is how Blake regards the imagination.  Blake held that an imagination can sense what our physical senses cannot, as in, spirituality can’t be sensed by something tangible, material, and there’s so much more beyond our five physical senses. 
I think that spirituality and imagination are both abstract, and/but why powerless versus the material?  I think Blake hit it on the metaphorical nose in the belief that the imagination is the infinite power. So Blake feels/felt that with the sole power of reasoning, you limit yourself from perceptions of the imagination.  He writes that beauty, is in your mind (we all know this). 

Blake has written many lovely poems, and after much research for this summation of Blake, intertwined with a Civil War Heroine and New Age Literature, I’ve so far concluded that this single thought Blake wrote best describes his theory:  “heaven (is) in a wild flower”. 

Blake’s literary genius is a tool for students of poetry these days.

And, for example, in Blake’s, Milton a Poem, is when he used together the words New Age.

Tomorrow, the Civil War secret spy.

Sheila Cull
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