Not a Bean!

When I concierg-ed, for example, from aUtah university, a couple dozen of baby faced fraternity boys needed to ignore me.  Instead they listened to my advice about our restaurant as I sat at a Chicago hotel concierge desk.  “You know,” I said, “I love that we havea gorgeous restaurant here but hotel food sucks." 

A young man leaned over my desk andasked if I’d join his group to see the Bean.  I glanced at an empty lobby. “Sure.”  We crossed the street to MillenniumPark, “It’s not the Bean!”  I yelled.  “That’s not its name. If you’re gonna bring it up, say it correctly.  Cloud Gate! Cloud Gate! Anish Kapoor’s 110 ton reflective sculpture. Cloud Gate is here to show off our skyline! Okay, look up,” I pointed, “that’s what Kapoor named the omphalos.  Yup, in Greek, omphalos means a bellybutton, navel. Look up again!” 

The second time with their heads thrownback, a young man puked beer combined with Chicago hotdog pieces.  I got a whiff at the same time that I heard it. His buddies stepped away to prevent from being splashed. They looked to me as if I were to take action. Did they think I was going to, clean it up?  I race walked away as if in a race to the back seat safety of a Michigan Avenue taxi.