Hear me Stutter

The Podcasts I record, one take and that’s enough.  I create a written piece, then I read the piece into an American Idol type microphone, positioned in front of your chin.  Sometimes I stutter.  Similar to good and bad hair days, my stutter fluctuates also with random frequency.  

I spend an embarrassing amount of countless hours learning, and re learning and re re re learning about computer, techno-y, gizmo things.  To learn left brain-ed logically scientific?  Me, a big turtle.  To learn right brain-ed creativeness?  Me, a happy doggie.

Left brain damage - editing even a single Audacity file subtracted weeks from my life.  Learning Audacity required so many weeks, ahem, months, that it's absurd.  

Big turtle with ulcer at desk, but I'm unwittingly stubborn like a donkey when with the brilliant machine, also at desk.  Throwing in the towel is a nice thought but I've already tried so hard.  I don't have an ulcer.  Yet.  

And the crucial, immediate, change of new technologies doesn't stop.  Of course the river of understanding, in this revolution's crux, is so crucial, possesses ambiguous immediacy, and is faster than a new job.

I'd feel sad if you'd expect for my Podcast to be perfect.  Perfect is boring anyway.

by: Sheila Cull
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