Hear me Write

It’s not me that's in the arena engaged in controlling a wild bull when it comes to computers. I breathlessly swim away from the shark-like virtual world, yet crazily taunt it. Similar to when I speak.

For instance, if expected to be involved in a conversation, it feels like someone pushes me onstage and says, “Don’t worry, just, talk about your day and other things. You won’t let me down?"

Now this feeling was advantageous in my hotel concierge-ing because I performed as if on stage. Then the stage fright became so familiar I relied on it. Therefore I remained motivated when consulted about where to dine in Chicago. “Show time!” I secretly thought, prior to giving a restaurant the best review from anybody, ever.

That’s why I love books. There’s a consistent safety element in a “No response” way. Hopefully, I’d be considered a lunatic if I talked to a book. Yeah!
Sheila Cull