Big Shoulders Lake Michigan

97 percent of our Earth's water is ocean; three percent is fresh water.

Lake Michigan and its four sister lakes make up the largest supply of unfrozen fresh water on the planet, second only to Lake Baikal in Russia. Of the Great Lakes, Michigan is the second largest after Lake Superior.

“Michigan” is a derivative of the Native American word, mishigami, meaning “Great Water.”

If, as Carl Sandberg wrote, Chicago is "the city of the big shoulders," it needs them to support this vast, yet delicate ecosystem. All the more fragile because we don’t see it from the perspective a fish and there’s a single fish species, the Asian Carp, that gives us reason for concern and fright.

I find the best written articles about pollutants in Lake Michigan are from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

One cannot help but admire Lake Michigan and marvel at the complexities of its ecosystem and the balance that we must learn to respect. This is so sad but the not talked about truth is that Lake Michigan, fouled by the environmental contaminants that human beings have dumped into it for generations, is an ecosystem in great jeopardy.