A Big One

“See, I went podcasting and I caught a blog, a big one.  Afterwards I felt like I should get a type of address to make a gateway and prevent all of the fires, walls.

And people found pintrest, like my local area network.  In fact my fishing pole browsing applications got me in the right place at the right time. So suddenly my hardware went ‘ping’. 

Well, I’ll be back, between us, the next big one to catch is a memristor.

Anyhow, this paperless attitude may just save us yet.  In ten years I’ll still be here podcasting and you’ll forget that you used to bend over and push buttons and untangle wires.  Let’s hear it for going beyond your imagination.

“It sounds like we’re gonna live in the sky?”

“Looks like every part somehow belongs to the wireless systems network, sweet.”