Sons of Confederate Veterans Largest Mass Grave

About 6,000 (minus the 1,500 unaccounted) Confederate, along with some Union, young men died at Camp Douglas in as crude a manner as the men I discussed yesterday. Albeit in many cases they died in Chicago's freezing cold and/or they froze to death so we have the possibility of a cruder death.

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are at least are aware of this, an insipid fact to swallow, Chicago's Camp Douglas cemetery near 67th and Cottage Grove - is the largest mass grave in the western hemisphere.

George D. Levy, researcher and author, is responsible for the uncovering of these ugly truths. Which in turn makes what I know about his Chemung Valley History Museum article and his second soon to come book, a really big deal.

Sheila Cull
Us Lucky Culls