Shawn Came Out Different

Generally, one from one hundred people are physically ambidextrous. My left hand prefers to control the Mouse while the right prefers to write; I can easily switch sides although I still didn't or couldn't re learn to write long hand fluidly.

Is this unusual? I'm 45 and at 18 an un(?)expected, damaged left brain stem dictated that I learn to take advantage of the other half of a/my bodily hemisphere. If I could learn, so could most.

Yoga moves for me, a cinch seeing that my physical body is pliable and for a present breath I remain grateful.

Interestingly, I have a better half too, as in a fraternal twin and really, he's better. Shawn was/is not born physically flexible and he prefers to write with his left hand. This makes the other half of your body your spirit.

Isn't this wild?

a Lucky Cull (Twin)