Long Title, No Chapters, Just Letters, A Must Read!

Another hard to believe work of fiction turned open in my hands. What's similar to Kite Runner by Khaled Hossein is this book also has the Historical Fiction element.

Accurately woven in to Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, which made its debut in 2008, is the astounding (nonfiction)history of Guernsey, a Channel Island, and its Nazi rule for five entire years during the second World War.

This book is chapter-less, and only contains letters exchanged between London and Guernsey. The letters begin just after the German Occupation withdrawl, the first and last letter are posted in 1946. The main character, or letter writer, is an authoress that gets caught up in exchanging general to specific impressions with a Literary Society formed on Guernsey by accident, and because of the Occupation.

These letters begin with a man - I can't say. If I do it will spoil it for you if you do read it, so it's a wonderful surprise. In its entirety,Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, is a graceful surprise. Easy enchantment with all the characters, although there are a few to hate. Now you know - we're talking really good fiction.

Mary Ann Shaffer did much research before she wrote the majority of this fine book, and then fell ill. Her niece Annie Barrows ended it. Too soon I must add, because it is that good.

Maybe it's just me, with traumatic brain injury, and re learning, but I recently discovered that the Channel Islands are between England and France and were left defenseless at war because England saw their island of having no strategic significance.