What's Wrong with No-Doz?

Yesterday I communicated (not my twin but my other fraternal twin) with my sister Chrissy that I had a writing deadline and I may have to take an additional No-Doz.

Chrissy immediately returned my email and demanded, 'DO NOT TAKE NO-DOZ!'

Surprisingly I've gotten that reaction before when I've disclosed that I take one No-Doz as opposed to the time consuming, messy process of making coffee. Afternoons, sometimes I'll take another.

Hey! It's not criminal. No-Doz is an over the counter caffeine subsitute in one swallow. Caffeine is proven to be healthy, no matter if it's ingested via Java or a caffeine pill. A single No-Doz equals the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee, a little cup of coffee, we're not talking the average Starbucks Double Shot Mocha Choke-a Latte.

It's less expensive than coffee too.

Does anybody else use it as their preferred choice to coffee?

Sheila Cull
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