Walmart Books Well?

There's a new Walmart in Chicago, right North of Addison on Broadway. Food, good prices. Strolling down the last aisle with my "I DON'T COOK" selection of bread and peanut butter, ginseng and toilet paper, I wondered what else to throw in my basket when I screeched my shopping cart to an abrupt stop. Ignoring glances from other customers, I jumped in place. A portion of the back wall with - books!

First, I looked for New York Times Bestsellers, nope, but there were many paperbacks by New York Times Bestselling Authors.

Last week slurped up "Then Came You" by Jennifer Weiner. Cute, cute, cute. Normally it drives me mad to have each chapter narrated by a different character, albeit I easily hooked into this book. Very cute.

Really close to my home, a surprisingly changing collection of paperbacks, Walmart? Miracles happen all the time.

Lucky Cull