Safety in Regular Books

Everything changes, seemingly so fast these days. As an example is this ever evolving technological revolution. I mean really, when will it stop?

It took one whole year for me to switch from Vista to the much more sophisticated XP, despite having both available the entire year, because I'm resistant to change. But aren't most people? Are you? Or, worse, am I simply lacking the courage to change?

But books don't change - you open, you read, you doggy ear or bookmark it when paused, you continue to read, you finish, you close. Yeah! Keeping it simple. I love simplicity.

And when you're involved in reading a book your mind is free from worry because you're occupied with the writing.

The best part is that books don't crash like computers do. There is a huge element of safety in book reading.

Can't speak for digital books, I tried that, and we know what happened. Conservation wise, of course I desire to make a permanent switch to digital. In the meantime, my absolute luxurious treat is a regular book.

Let's hear it for good old fashioned books! Oh no, am I now aging myself, lacking courage, cheering against tree-huggers even though I claim to be one? I better hurry and open a book.

Lucky Cull