Digi-copy Emblems for my Movie - Oy

Please enjoy this tiny fraction of a digi-copied link from a European emblem collection in which I'm honored to have immediate access to. I say tiny fraction because emblems - when plate, motto, and poem coincide, were enormously popular for 2,000 years (surely outliving the television).

"Those deserving of credit, acknowledge them," I reminded myself.  

Then I asked myself, "Do you dedicate one of many thousands of a type of emblem to the artist, born in 1551, and roamed Europe in the emblem creation business?  Or do you dedicate the digi-copy to one of multitudes of scholars responsible for its exposure?

I'm a writer.  Right now, the hot keyboard below my fingertips has seen well over a million strokes.  But to be specific in my acknowledgement to the deserving, that's a lot of key punching.  Nor would I dare type over these cherished antiquated photos.

Good news?  My narration in this movie is from yesterday's post, less than two minutes.  
The majority of emblem digi-copies are culled from a John T. Cull collection and further culled from a Miguel de Cervantes piece.  

Sheila Cull