The OTHER Media Player

Today is Tuesday, May 02, 2012.  And I downright refuse to wear that hat I talked about yesterday. 

For the first half of Monday, May 01, my audio files were on my site.  What happened?  There are a million ways to answer that because I tried a million times to recover those audio files.  Not exactly a million, but around 8pm, after searching my day's computer history, I’d opened a little over 300 tabs.  300?  That’s close enough to a keyboard punching million in my book.

This is after I posted, Monday morning.  Oh, what remains is a laundry list of to do’s that I didn’t get around to.  Instead I got to thinking, “It’d be so cool to have that other Media Player as a replacement,” and then I deleted the then current Media Player code.  After successful install of former present code, I thought inserting, embedding, installing, uploading, engraving, excavating, the alternate Media Player onto HTML HELL, would be a piece of cake.  You’d be embarrassed for me if I were to admit how many hours I’ve been sitting behind my computer, to attempt completion, of this wholly arduous mission.

But that hat doesn’t suit me.  I know, I know, it sure looks like it fits.  I’ve yet to hook up the Media Player, but indeed, I learned a lot.  Therefore my metaphorical hat doesn’t say, “I’m Getting Old”. It says, “I’m Getting Wise,” and on the back it says, “And Getting Better”.

I feel I’ll get that gizmo, techn-o, Media Player, cool looking thing-ee on my site, soon.  Now?  Yesterday’s to do’s.  Oy.  The to do’s!

Sheila Cull
Lucky Cull
One of Four Twin Culls