But when you talk about destruction Don't you know that you can count me out

In yesterday’s post I discussed those bookstores that aren’t around much anymore.  If we’re between 40-something and 90-something years old, doesn’t it now feel like, even we grew up with Kindles?  Well, can you believe as recently as February, 24, 2011, I posted on my site, “I’ve never seen a Kindle.  Have you?”

What I wrote in the, hard to believe, really recent past:  Do you love books? I love books. I adore the smell, curling up with one, even turning the pages. According to Nathan Bransford, bookstores may soon be a thing of the past. He thinks that in the future, if you want a real book, you'll likely only be able to order them online.

I've never seen a Kindle. Have you? Young kids, learning to read, probably have or will. The future is here. Kindle sales, recently, have done a little better than real book sales. That surprised me, although it shouldn't. We have to adapt to change, don't we? The alternative, refusing to learn about new things, automatically, I think, puts an "I'm Old and Unwilling" stamp on your forehead.

I need to because I sell articles and one day soon I do hope, I'll say, I sell books. And Kindle book sales is making huge changes in the ways books are marketed, talked about, etc. So I'm willing to learn, someday. At least I affirmed that I'm willing! But I've many books to read and lots of composition to do and it may take a few years to get around to it, perhaps I'll be forced to in less time.

At least my forehead stamps says, "At Least I'm Willing, Someday."  What does your forehead stamp say?
(End of post.)

We’re victims of a revolution that’s happening so fast that I find it necessary to hear two song writers, Lennon and McCartney, Revolution by the Beatles.