Dandy Spanish Golden Age Music

A fifteenth and sixteenth century Spanish Golden Age composer such as Tomas Luis de Victoria, or, Alonso Lobo (who I mentioned recently) wouldn’t know the likes of today’s rap music.  Although, I’d like to think that if they heard it they’d be curious in a good way.  It’s simply a different musical genre.  One person loves a beautiful rose bush, and another considers it a thorny pain in the neck. I like rap a lot.  I happen to love classical, not opera, classical music minus the vocal.

Turning Spanish Golden Age music on briefly this morning, I enjoyed listening to a different flavor of music.  But it’s not my thing.  My favorite is the French, Swiss, Alfred Cortot, 1877 to 1962.  Cortot does many of the greats like Schumann, Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, moreover he does them perfectly. 

Solely due to today's technological advancements, most of us would need seconds to turn on some Spanish Golden Age music, or Cortot, or any music from anywhere around the globe.  Once again, I’m not saying they had it better in the Golden Age, but they had a peaceful non industrialized freedom that made them happy enough to create a variety of arts in abundance.  On the opposite side there’s war.  What does war bring?

Try Spanish Golden Age music today for a change, or don’t, if it doesn’t make you happy.  Which brings me back to my New Age-sters, I bet the Golden Age-sters and the New Age-sters would surely get along dandy.