Civil War Spy to New Age Literature: Seth

She was born in 1929, and in a trance, as a medium energy source in 1963, a male Seth began speaking of, our personal entity, our inner selves (a collection of previous lives), karma, present moment power, developing our own reality.  All by using her mouth as her husband dictated the revolutionary words Seth had to say.  From what I understand, American writer Jane Roberts, until 1984, herself was skeptical of an entity that channeled its essence through her physical body. 

Seth’s theological views were so sophisticated that the scholarly Yale University Library maintains a collection of things that Seth has said.

You know what I think is super cool about this?  As I see it, it’s not only possible, but probable.  This thought intertwines with England’s William Blake, and his New Age idea that of course there is so much beyond what we might consider reasonable. 

Are you skeptical?  Why?  If you learn more about it, it’s clear that neither she nor her husband could explain it.  Nor could they have had an alternate gain, except for to be named completely whacky.  So ask yourself again. 


The final two New Age personalities in this series are alive and kicking today, beginning tomorrow! 

Sheila Cull
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