Civil War Spy to New Age Lit: Esther Hicks

Once you begin looking for these New Age people, poof, they seem to appear.  Not as if by magic, but as if by, “Ah, I’ve been looking in the wrong places.”

Esther Hicks as I mentioned yesterday, alive, channeling, and kicking it.

I have a huge smile on my face right now.  How can all the great things that have been hit on in this series get any better?  Go find Hicks somehow, only if you feel like it.  Or do whatever you feel like because we’re meant to feel good, relax, bliss out, and be as happy as we can be, as often as we can get there.  This gives me a super cool idea, oh pardon me, the joy inside me is rolling over.  Actually I’m also pure positive energy.

Well, do whatever you want that makes things better and better, and have fun if that's your choice.

Tomorrow!  Roll my eyes and laugh out loud. I just had to throw him in.  What’s interesting is that he studied Jane Roberts, Seth.  There’s a connection here that’s a sparkling feeling of lovely.  Find out who he is!  If you want, if you don’t want, please make yourself feel as awesome as possible.

Sheila Cull
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