This is my Reminder

From:  Tuesday, August 02, 2011 and a crucial time for the United States Congress, remember?

Title is: Yes We Will!

I don't know about you but my writing habit suddenly turned into a news reading habit/obsession after initially understanding what not resolving this debt crisis meant for the country. If you didn't worry about it, that's okay because I worried for you. I did. Yesterday, for example, my hands were shaking, literally vibrating with apprehension as I feared on behalf of the entire nation. That's right, despite my inborn optimism, even after Obama spoke (because it still needed two more important votes!), I fretted for our sake, everybody. But early in the evening, I turned off my computer, after a final shoulder shrug and one more declaration of, "But we still have time and yes, we can!" and turned to my bed and my reading habit. I simply couldn't take it anymore.

Very early this morning, great news, it passed the House! Then the Senate, Obama's signature and it will very, very likely pass. So we'll continue the political tangle because we're America and we have the freedom to do so. And via the President, we're a nation of laws and the coming laws will be passed or vetoed accordingly.

This crisis taught me three things:

1.) That being an optimist is the better choice, especially if you can't help it.
2.) That as an American citizen, you shouldn't leave it up to everybody else when it comes to voting.
3.) And that my book reading addiction, will get me through anything. One last especially if, as in, especially if you pick up addictions easily but learn through time that to live you need to end them. The one thing that's stayed consistent before and after my near month long coma, twenty years ago, even after I re learned to read in my 20's, is my love of books.

And I have to throw this in, to my romantic love, my teammate, you know who you are, wait, I changed my mind, I won't tell you; I'll show you. (I have the same teammate and he’s a lucky man.)