Not my Twin but my Other Twin

This piece from is pure emotion, sweet emotion.

From Thursday, July 14, 2011
Title is: My Mom and Chrissy

Earth, Wind and Fire played a song I stumbled upon yesterday and it wholly reminded me of my dead mother. There was no way I could listen to it so on the playlist, I skipped forward. It's been four years but the gut wrenched emotion, remains. Knowing myself, if I endured the entire song, I'd end up with a scrunched face and a river of tears. But I was at work on a due manuscript, I was working, no time to cry, put your cursor on the arrow and bypass this song, now.
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Chrissy, not my twin sister but my other twin sister, seriously. Chrissy brought old school cassette tapes of my moms favorite songs and played them her final two days alive. How so very wonderful. That gesture was the most heart loving I'd ever seen, felt. I couldn't do that. I couldn't even touch the cassette tape for fear of losing it.

Oh, there's so much to write about my fabulous parents - but my stomach is wrenched, like twisting a wet towel dry, seconds after I wrote Earth, Wind and Fire. And now I have to work. Yeah!