Today not Helpless

What do people take for granted, the ability to communicate via speech perhaps?  Remember what I disclosed recently, I for one have suffered brain stem damage and absolutely know what it is to not naturally have the capacity for understanding what it is I say and/or how to say it.  Weird, yes, left stem brain injury indeed is an aberration.  All of this is also in my pre enlightened, ways of the computer, site.

I stutter, for starters. 

All of these written creations in the form of daily postings are drawn from re learned reading of literature, in my head, and expressed through my fingertips, on a keyboard.  If I used a speech device to create words, I’d be in big trouble.

I bring this up now because I was just reading Schindler’s List and, I formed a realistically nauseating parallel – I felt like whispering said parallel out loud to myself, and I began, alone and in a whisper, to stutter.

Okay.  As a couple of men in one part of the world readied to crack open Spanish Golden Age archived play literature, as I mentioned yesterday, at near the same time in another part of the world Nazi labeled men were executing living people individually and in groups.  Men, women and children, were killed in horrific ways simply because they were Jewish. 

Now, these couple of men opening books either didn’t know about the genocide or were helpless to do something about it.  What thoroughly stresses me is that today, with proliferating global communication, why?  I mean, why, still?

It gives you pause to think, no?