Play Openings

Theatrical play openings, no biggie, I used to think.  But in reading of the Spanish Golden Age, the profoundly meaningful development of art in all its forms, I learned I was hugely mistaken.  

Let’s take the Spanish Golden Age theatrical expression as an example that, by the 15-1600 dates alone, you’d think began, perhaps, as a crude art form.  Yet, misunderstandings here have potential for hasty conclusions.

During this time the varied ways used to capture the attention of an audience were intensely studied and after much research, some of these ways were mastered.

For example, recently I read a Spanish Golden Age scholastic publication reviewing play openings by John T. Cull.  It brought again to my attention the importance of theatrical evolution, that in our current culture, could be considered obvious.  Included in this evolution, and in Cull's review, is the complex development of play openings.

Interestingly, I've learned that play openings have everything to do with contemporary literary theory.  

Where would we be today without our history's art filled Golden Age?