Four Twin Culls

Luck, what else to chalk it up to?  I’m a member of a female, male set of fraternal twins, and, there’s one set of fraternal twins ten years older than my twin brother and I.  So we have four of us, each with one twin member, with the same parents and no, no fertility drugs. 

I think that there is no way that luck manifests by magic.  I think that opportunities unfold as if by magic perhaps, but it’s a matter of taking risks, learning from mistakes and possessing fortitude – some of the time.

Auspicious fortune, I think, involves complex, delicate, combinations pulled from the forces that sustain life, if, you’re dealt the right cards.  Now is this luck?  The question is open to interpretation. 

In the meantime, I call myself a Lucky Cull because of my second chance at a lifetime which involves all of the factors I just mentioned.  So, I think you can muster up some good luck to an extent, but I’m afraid that’s all.

Moreover, my site often weighs two significant historical time frames, one tragic, luckless, one enlightened, auspicious.  Therefore I’m wholly appreciative that I can say I’m lucky when I know that tragedy and enlightenment can happen to people at random.

Or, do please call me a twin Cull anytime, for this is also what I am.

Sheila Cull
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