Number Three Feel Good Great Book

The Four Agreements is number three but my favorite by Ruiz is the Mastery of Love.
This author is Don Miguel Ruiz.  Because I really am using my motivational safety net as examples, Ruiz wrote The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship.  Albeit the emergency motivational, within arms reach book, is also by him, The Four Agreements. I lost the former copy and never got around to replacing it.  So number three is filling in for the real number three and most importantly with this genre, it’s the same author.  Meaning the voice is loudly, but with Ruiz, loudly in a gentle way, exactly the same.

Unlike yesterday’s slam dunk, Ruiz refers to the art of human relationships with, including say, your mail carrier. 

What’s fabulous is that Ruiz has the great, Mexican Toltec, Indian blood in him.  Guess who else came to the Toltec ideology?  Carlos Castenada of The Teachings of Don Juan by Castenada!

Ruiz is a former neurosurgeon, seriously.  He separated himself from physical surgery because he knew, felt, that our spiritual, emotional brains need surgery in the form of words.  Words have the magic power to heal, and transform. 

 This bible about love combined with awareness is pure sweetness.